Halkidiki Greece- Useful information

Travel to Halkidiki by Plane

If you travel to Halkidiki from a far away place, then the quickest way to go there is by plane. The nearest airport to Halkidiki is Thessaloniki Airport (International airport Makedonia, SKG), in Thessaloniki. From here, you can go to any village in Halkidiki region, by bus (KTEL Chalkidikis) or by taxi (but be careful because it may be overcharged). To get to KTEL CHALKIDIKIS from the airport take a taxi or the bus, number 79, from airport Makedonia and get off at the bus stop "EMPORIKO KENTRO IKEA". From there, take the bus, number 36, and get off at "KTEL CHALKIDIKIS" bus stop. You can find more information in their website.

Local transport

There is a local bus in Halkidiki (green bus) for local transfers. You will find a bus stop in every village. Most of the time, buses are at the stops every half hour. You can even call for a taxi. There are also many "rent a car" services. The best way to explore Halkidiki is by car, as this way you 'll be able to visit places unreachable by public transport. 

Emergency phone numbers

Ambulance: 166

Fire service: 199

Police: 100

Useful phone numbers and addresses


Ippokratous 5, Poligiros, 63100, Halkidiki, Greece:  +302371350100


Nea Kallikrateia 63080, Halkidiki, Greece: +302399022254

Kassandria, 63077, Halkidiki, Greece: +302374350000

Panagias Korifinis 43, Nea Moudania, 63200, Halkidiki Greece: +302373350000    

Paleochori, Arnea, 63074, Halkidiki, Greece: +302372350000

Agios Nikolaos, 63078, Halkidiki, Greece: +302375350000


Politechniou 3, Poligiros, 63100, Halkidiki, Greece: +302371022798

Ierissos, 63075, Halkidiki, Greece: +302377021197


Harilaou Trikoupi 41, Poligiros, 63100, Halkidiki, Greece: +302371021646


Harilaou Trikoupi 41, Poligiros, Halkidiki, Greece: +302371021662

28th Oktovriou, Nea Moudania, 63200, Halkidiki, Greece: +302373021114