Neos Marmaras Halkidiki Greece

 Neos Marmaras town

The most famous and cosmopolitan town of Sithonia Halkidiki Greece, the town of Neos Marmaras, is considered -not unfairly - the ornament of Toroneos gulf. The town combines the sea with the mountain and the tranquility of an evening walk with the intense nightlife. Neos Marmaras was built by Greek refugees of Asia minor (from Marmaras of Propontida) on 3 hills, at the foothills of Itamos mountain

The area offers many options for accommodation (apartments, studios, villas, hotels, camping), as well as places to spend your free time (restaurants, taverns, cafe, bars, shops etc).  As Neos Marmaras is touristically developed, there is also a doctor, fire station, police station, port authorities etc. 

The most well-known place in Neos Marmaras is Porto Carras resort. It offers not only accommodation but also other types of facilities, such as spa, casino, theater, cinema, riding club, golf club, sports facilities, a private marina and much more. Porto Carras resort even has its own vineyard and winery.

The central seaport of Neos Marmaras is the place that attracts the interest of the most visitors. In this harbor, there is a copy of "Santala" boat, the first boat which led the fishermen 's procession in Marmaras island in Asia Minor. On a hill just beside the port, there is "Pamegiston Taxiarchon" church, with a wonderful view at Neos Marmaras port and Kassandra peninsula. 

The coasts of Neos Marmaras form many natural gulfs, where you can find magnificent beaches and harbors, with fish taverns by the sea. Some of the regions most known beaches are: Lagomandra, Tripotamos, Paradeisos, Neos Marmaras, Porto Carras, Agia Kiriaki, Koutsoupia, Azapiko, Kohi beach and others. 

Some of the local products, produced by villagers of Neos Marmaras include olives and olive oil, wine, fish, and honey, while some of them also go hunting. Around Neos Marmaras central region, there are various other settlements, worth visiting, like Parthenonas village, Agia Kiriaki, Galini, Imeri Elia, Azapiko, Stiladari. In addition, there are very interesting uninhabited islands, like Kelyfos and Spalathronisia, ready for adventurous discovery. 

Neos Marmaras seaportNeos Marmaras map

Neos Marmaras: What to do

  • Visit the main sea port of the town.
  • Get a spa treatment in Porto Carras resort.
  • Swim in some of the town's best beaches.
  • Eat fish in one of the taverns, by the sea.
  • Follow a path that goes up inside the forest of the mountain, and admire the view to Marmaras and Kelyfos island. 
  • Participate in a cruise trip to Kelyfos and Spalathronisia islands.
  • Take part in a scuba diving activity.