Saint John the Russian monastery, in Pefkohori


Saint John the Russian monasterySaint John the Russian monastery map

Monastery of Saint John the Russian is located in Pefkohori greater region, on the road to Nea Skioni, on the mountainous side of Kassandra Halkidiki Greece. There, in a secluded area, full of trees, you 'll have the chance to enjoy the silence, meditate and be part of the devout atmosphere. Religion enthusiasts and meditation lovers will get to know some things about the life of the monks and the history of the abbey

In Saint John the Russian monastery, a part of the relique of Saint John is kept. The whole imperishable holy relique of Saint John's body is kept in the church of Saint John the Russian, in Prokopi of Evia Greece. Saint John the Russian is believed to have performed many miracles during his lifetime and after his death. 

About Saint John the Russian

Saint John the Russian was born in about 1960, in the area of today's Ukraine, and his parents were Christians. He took part in the Russian-Turkish war and was sold as a slave to a Turkish army officer. The Saint lived in the Turk's stable, with the animals and he walked bared foot. He loved and worshiped God and people and wanted to help everyone. After his death, it was found that his body remained intact and imperishable. It was then transferred in Greece, in Evia, where a church was built, to honor Saint John and keep his relique. 

Many believers visit the church till today to worship Saint John and some are believed to have been cured by him, after his death. A boy who suffered from leukemia is said to have been cured after his visit to the church. In the litany of 2004, the relique of Saint John is said to have sweated. The glass over the Saint's face was wet, and this was attributed to the struggle of the Saint to transfer all believers' prayers to God. Saint John the Russian is also said to have been presented to Serbians to give them strength and faith, in the Serbian war in 1999. Moreover, there are times that the Saint 's relique is not in its shrine, and later it is back inside. This is confirmed by the chief of the church and others and the same time the relique is missing a healing of someone in need is performed. The relique is also said to change sides, and sometimes in front of the believers...