Apostle Paul's Holy Water

Apostle Paul 's Holy WaterApostle Paul 's Holy Water

A must see sightseeing in Nea Fokea, besides Nea Fokea Tower, is the small church, called Apostle Paul's Holy water. It is actually a cave, that leads to a carved underground corridor, where you need to kneel in order to move forward. In the end of the corridor there is a tank where holy water is gathered and then, as you turn right, there is a space where you can stand up. In this room there is a lighted marble column that is associated with the altar of the chapel. 

There are 3 versions as to the usage of this area in the old years. According to history, here Apostle Paul had found shelter when he was hunted by his pursuers. Local tradition says that when Apostle Paul went to Ierissos to preach about Christianity, he was pursued by locals. As he couldn't find anywhere to hide he prayed to God to help him. Then, a hole opened in the earth and he was found in another hole in Nea Fokea. Both holes are saved till today, they are dedicated to Apostle Paul and inside of them holy water spurts. 

According to another version of the story, the cave existed, and there Apostle Paul found shelter, when he was persecuted by Cassandra Pagans. In this cave Apostle Paul preached and baptized Christians in the holy water tank. 

A third version says that this cave was an underground Macedonian tomb. 

Apostle Paul 's Holy Water - underground corridorApostle Paul 's holy water - marble column