Vrastama Halkidiki Greece

 Vrastama villageVrastama village - parkCats at Vrastama church

Southeast, and at a very small distance of the famous Taxiarchis village in north Halkidiki, small village Vrastama is located. Built in the foothills of Holomontas mountain it is another picturesque place, worth visiting. Two of the village's main attractions are the main church of "Evaggelismos tis Theotokou" and the cave of Saint Euthimios, at small distance outside the village. 

Staircase of church "Evaggelismos tis Theotokou" in VrastamaChurch "Evaggelismos tis Theotokou" in VrastamaChurch "Evaggelismos tis Theotokou" in Vrastama

The main church is stone built and is located on a hill, accessible through a stone staircase. The construction of the church and its surroundings reminds a castle. Saint Euthimios cave, on the other hand, is located at a small distance from the village, in a beautiful location, full of plane trees and other trees. The canyon formed is also crossed by a river, and there are even small waterfalls. 

Hiking route towards Saint Euthimios cave

Saint Euthimios lived in this natural cave and now in the same spot, there is a small church. To get to the cave you should follow a hiking route through the forest, that starts from Vrastama, goes through the cave and ends in Vrastama. In some spots of the path, you 'll have the chance to admire the magnificent view to Aegean sea and the 3 peninsulas of Halkidiki. Access to the cave area is only possible on foot or using animals. The cave is located in Mikroskino Vrastamon region, 5,5km outside the village and every year pilgrimages and divine services are organized, with many participants.