Taxiarchis Halkidiki Greece

 Taxiarchis main squareTaxiarchis villageTaxiarchis village

Taxiarchis is a traditional village, near the top of Holomontas mountain (650 m altitude), just around 60 km away from Thessaloniki, and very close to Poligiros. Taxiarchis got its name from the protector of the village Archangel Michael, whose miraculous holy icon is kept in the homonymous church.The route leading to Taxiarchis village goes through the dense forest of Holomontas mountain, full of acorns, beeches, firs, and aromatic plants. The journey is fascinating and recommended for alternative tourism enthusiasts.

As you reach Taxiarchis you 'll see at the entrance of the village the "Sipotoura" Faucet, which is an important landmark. Other attractions include "Kato Pigadi" Faucet, the traditional houses and old mansions all over the village, the stone-built main square, Hani, the main domed basilica church and various chapels in and around the village. The main church of Taxiarchis is dedicated to Archaggelos Michail and offers beautiful surroundings, with a nicely landscaped courtyard and a wonderful view to Holomontas mountain.

Archangel Michael church in TaxiarchisTaxiarchis churchesAgios Nikoaos church between Taxiarchis - Vrastama

In the University forest of Taxiarchis there is even a forestry museum, where you can see exhibitions of the flora and fauna of the region. Among wild animals that inhabit Taxiarchis forest are wild boars, wolfs, foxes, ferrets, weasels, badgers, wildcats, hawks, partridges, and bats. Some of these animals are endangered and considered to be protected. In the forest, there are many beautiful hiking routes, ready to be explored. 

In the forest, there are many beautiful hiking routes, ready to be explored. Concerning the way of your exploration, there are various options, like hiking, mountain bike, horse riding, often offered by accommodation in the area. Following these trails will certainly increase your appetite, so there are plenty of traditional taverns, with local products, to meet your needs. 

As you drive in the area surrounding Taxiarchis village, make sure you stop at certain spots, which provide you with a magnificent view, like: Mpara, Apolimeni Petra, "Pasa Pigadi", "Schismeni Petra" (a hiking route, with a view point), Ftelia, Agios region. Arkoudolakas is another famous area inside the woods. It is a canyon, full of plane trees, streams and small lakes, even waterfalls. In Arkoudolakas region there is a chasm, of around 40 meters depth, where canyoning enthusiasts descend and explore, using ropes.

Small church in the road from Taxiarchis to VrastamaSmall church betweenTaxiarchis - VrastamaTaxiarchis - Vrastama view point

Villagers in Taxiarchis are occupied with agriculture, livestock farming, logging, textiles and fir cultivation, sold as Christmas trees. In the last years more and more people make agrotourism as their main occupation. 

In Taxiarchis village, several feasts and events take place, throughout the year. In the feast of mushrooms, at the beginning of September, fried mushrooms are offered from the villagers. In the feasts of Ag. Nikolaos (20 May) and Ag. Panteleimonas (27 July), as well as in Clean Monday, there are traditional sprees.