Sani village Halkidiki Greece

Sani beach resortSani marina Halkidiki
Sani village in Kassandra Halkidiki Greece is a beautiful green area by the sea, with lots of accommodation options and many restaurants and beach bars. Sani is located on the northwest side of Kassandra peninsula, opposite of Nea Fokea village. Halkidiki Sani beach resort is the most famous site of the region, with a contemporary private marina with many elegant restaurants, greek taverns, shops, and bars.

One of the area 's top attractions is Stavronikitas' tower, built in 1943, on Sani hill, opposite of Sani hotel. One should also visit Sani wetlands, which accommodate several kinds of birds in the 2 lakes (Stavronikita and Gerani). In the area of "megali kipsa", near the beach an ancient historical site has been discovered. There are the remnants of a roman farmhouse, with mosaic floors and marble architectural parts. In the same spot, an early Christian church was later built, which according to archaeologists had a remarkable resemblance with buildings built according to romaic era architecture.

Halkidiki Sani beach hotelSani Halkidiki beach - sunset

A great cultural event, organized every year in Sani Kassandra Halkidiki, is Sani festival. Sani festival takes place at Sani Halkidiki hotel, in months July and August. Sani festival hosts jazz, classic and greek "entechni" music artists from all over the world. Another important and interesting gastronomic event, that takes place in Sani Halkidiki Greece, is Sani gourmet festival. It is a culinary celebration, that hosts many famous chefs, who give us a strong savor experience, every year in June.

Beaches in Sani are magnificent, mostly shallow, with golden sand and tranquil waters. The traveler will find both popular beach bars and more secluded remote beaches, for every taste. Scuba diving is always an option in Sani, as there are various interesting submarine routes, ready to be explored. 

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What to do in Sani Halkidiki

  • Visit Sani beach hotel and Sani marina
  • Get a closer look at Stavronikitas tower
  • Take a walk to Sani wetlands and the various hiking routes inside the forest.
  • Swim in Sani 's idyllic beaches
  • Take part in Sani festival and Sani Gourmet, if you are there at the right time of the year.
  • Participate in a diving activity.