Polichrono Halkidiki Greece

House in PolichronoPolichrono beachPolichrono beach

Polichrono village is located 96 km from Thessaloniki, just after Kriopigi and before Hanioti. The village has a long history and many interesting places are there to be included in your travel schedule. The main attraction of the village is the 7 km long beach, just below the pedestrian main road, which is an ideal spot for evening walks or bike rides by the sea. The sea is crystal clear and the sand is golden and covers a wide area. The beach offers many options for entertainment, such as water sports, snorkeling, scuba diving, jet ski rentals, boat rentals, sea bikes and beach bars. Inside the village, you can enjoy traditional greek cuisine in some tavern or restaurant or a cocktail in one of the bars. Some of the village 's high-quality local products are olives, olive oil, honey, fish, and fruits. 

Nature lovers will be enthusiastic about the vast pine forest that spreads on the mountain side of Polichrono. There, a hiking route leads to the one and only lake of Kassandra Peninsula, lake Mavrobara. 2 rare turtle species (Emys orbicularis & Mauremus caspica) live inside the lake, in a landscape of wild beauty and lush vegetation. The site is of great ecological interest. There is also a picturesque mountain route - narrow paved road from Polichrono, that leads to Fourka village, though Kassandrino. One can participate in organized jeep safari tours, and discover all, inaccessible by car, hiking trails in the mountains.

Polichrono has several sites one must visit. Taking a walk around Polichrono village one can see some old stone houses, Agios Athanasios church, built in 1912, the square with "Gennisi tou Christou" (Christ Birth) church, build in 1863 and the folk museum. The open air olive mill with the press and the old shaped well, just outside the village are worth visiting. The ruins of the Αncient town Neapolis were discovered in Geromoiri location of Polichrono village. The site is located on the mountain road that leads to Kassandrino village.  

 Church "Agios Athanasios" in PolichronoChurch "Gennisi tou Christou" in Polichrono

Polichrono history

Polichrono village was first founded in 650 BC. Back then it was called Neapolis and was built by Eretrians who came in Kassandra peninsula. The village was attacked several times by enemies' forces but managed to survive until 540 A.D. Then it was completely destroyed by Huns. 

In 11th Century some farmers came to the area and rebuilt the village, then called "Polichroo", which meant "full of colors" (probably because of the flowers of several colors that bloomed there). In the years of Greek revolution of 1821 the village was set on fire and destroyed again. After the war was over some survivors returned to the village and built it again and as the years went by, its name was paraphrased as "Polichrono".