Pefkohori Halkidiki Greece

Ferris wheel in Pefkohori

Pefkohorione of the most cosmopolitan villages in Kassandra Halkidiki Greece, took its name from the dense forest of pine and olive trees that surrounds the area. The long sandy beach of the village, with the sidewalk, is considered to be the main attraction for thousands of tourists, during the summer period. The village is known for its nightlife, as many bars, clubs, taverns are here. The old village of Pefkohori, with its picturesque alleys and the houses with the gardens and multicolored flowers, is worth visiting. In the old village the parish church of "Koimisis tis Theotokou" is a remarkable sightseeing.  Another small old church, under the main road, is "Agios Georgios".

The port of the village is the starting point of daily cruises, to different regions, like Sithonia and Athos peninsula. You can also enjoy a private boat tour, and discover unexplored secluded beaches and small islands. Another activity that shouldn't be missed in Pefkohori is scuba diving.There are several diving centers, that will show you the main points (towards Paliouri), suitable for diving and with a rich seabed. Pefkohori region and towards Paliouri village is full of beautiful beaches, such as Xenia beach, Glarokavos beach, Faros, Golden coast, Chrousou, Kanapitsa beach.

On the northwest side of the Pefkohori port, some archaeological findings of a romaic settlement have been discovered. Also, a treasure was found, with coins that belonged to Lisimachos, the king of Thrace. A semi-destructed windmill is also still saved.


Pefkohori was previously named "Kapsohora" (burnt land), as it was burnt several times by pirates. The village was probably found in the end of 16th century. It is believed that near Pefkohori there was an ancient settlement, that is the same with ancient Aiges. It also looks as if there was a romaic settlement, due to the ruins that were found on the northwest side of the port, at the position where ships are anchored. During the revolution of 1821 residents of Pefkohori participated in the battles, with Ioannis Kotzas, Georgios Giannakis, Antonios Ioannou etc as main fighters.