Paliouri Halkidiki Greece

Paliouri villageAgios Georgios church

In the northern side of Kassandra peninsula, near the tip of the "leg" Paliouri village is located. Paliouri is a traditional village that maintains the elements from a previous era. There are many narrow streets and stone houses which present the characteristic architecture of 19th century. The village is built on low hills, about 2,5 km from the coast. Beaches in the area are beautiful, and maybe the best in Kassandra Peninsula. The most famous one is called Chrouso beach and is located in a picturesque gulf, where the green pine trees meet the blue crystal clear water. The sea near Paliouri is ideal for diving, fishing and water sports. From Paliouri 's port many ships carry out cruises to other areas, like mount Athos.  

Paliouri is famous for its honey and olive oil, produced by villagers in the region. The visitor can walk in the village 's narrow alleys or follow the hiking routes in the green forest surrounding the village. There are also many famous well organized beach bars, in locations with golden sand and crystal waters. In the village of Paliouri there are many interesting churches, like Agios Georgios (central church), Agias Triadas, Koimisis tis Theotokou, Agios Nektarios, Genisi Timiou Prodromou (cemetery) and Agios Athanasios (1988). Koimisis tis Theotokou church is located in a beautiful spot on a hill, offering great panoramic view. 

Just before Paliouri village a not so known but worth visiting place is Glarokavos lagoon, a "lake" linked in one point with the sea. In the same region there is a beautiful beach, called "Faros". Paliouri inlet (Chrouso) is the next interesting spot, located between Chrouso beach and Glarokavos. There is a wonderful sandy beach and a small port for boats. The area stands out for its impressive honeycomb coasts, dense vegetation and picturesque beaches, like Golden Coast and Alonaki. Next stop should definitely be Porto Valitsa area, with its rocky coasts and wild but at the same time calm atmosphere and beautiful view. Miragio thermal spa resort is also a newly designed place, near cape Canistro, worth visiting. Church "Zoodochou Pigis and Evaggelismou" is another interesting site, located after Miragio, towards the tip of peninsula. Xina settlement follows and finally Agios Nikolaos small church in cape Kanistro will complete your journey in the best way. 

Koimisis tis Theotokou churchKoimisis tis Theotokou church viewKoimisis tis Theotokou church view


The name of Paliouri village comes from "paliouria", some thorny bushes that were used in previous years to fence houses. Herodotus says that in the area of today 's village there was an ancient town, called Theramvos. Ancient ruins found in Agios Nikolaos Gulf show that this town actually existed. In the mountain site "Koutoni", near Paliouri village some remnants of a romaic settlement were founded. Citizens of Paliouri took part in Greek revolution of 1821, like many other cities of Halkidiki. Chrouso settlement was given to Paliouri in 1918. The name "Chrouso" is believed to come from a king called Chrouso and lived in the area several years ago.