View from Nea Fokea Tower

Nea Fokea Halkidiki Greece

 Nea Fokea is a village on the northeast side of Kassandra peninsula in Halkidiki Greece. It is touristically developed, with hotels, apartments, taverns, traditional cafes, which guarantee comfortable and interesting summer holidays. Some of the famous local products are honey, fish and vegetables. The village has beautiful natural surroundings, with trees that reach sea level, isolated sea gulfs and charming beaches, with crystal clear waters. 

When traveling in Nea Fokea village, the most important places to visit should definitely include Nea Fokea Tower and Saint Paul 's holy water church - cave. Nea Fokea byzantine tower is located on a hill, offering a magnificent view to the whole village. The tower is lighted at night, creating a spectacular atmosphere. Saint Paul 's holy water, on the other hand, is a unique church, built inside a cave, where you need to kneel to go deeper inside. The picturesque marina of Nea Fokea and its lovely beaches shouldn't be missed from your vacation schedule, either.