Kriopigi Halkidiki Greece

Stone house in Kriopigi villageChurch Agios Georgios in Kriopigi

Kriopigi is a beautiful traditional village, amphitheatricaly built on the slope of a green hill, between Kallithea and Polichrono villages. Due to its location it offers an exquisite view to Toroneos gulf. The village spreads just above the main road that connects villages. Taking a walk in the village 's narrow roads you 'll see many traditional and stone houses, reflecting an older era. Most houses are decorated with green and multicolored plants and flowers, making the scenery even more pleasing to the eye. 

The main church of the village is called "Agios Georgios". It was built in the location of an older church, built of stone, with stone columns. The old church was destroyed due to cracks that made it unsafe. The new church was also made of stone in 1950. 

Villagers are mostly occupied with cultivation of fruit trees, olive oil, honey and wine production, but tourism is also a major source of income. In the village you can find some very good taverns, and enjoy local traditional Greek food and drink.  

You shouldn 't omit visiting Kriopigi 's spring with cold fresh water, from which the village took its name. The spring is located at a beautiful spot, full of trees and lush vegetation. The spring was build of stone in 1937 and it is considered to be the center of focus of the community. 

Kriopigi is famous for its long beach which has been awarded 2 times in 1991 by the blue flag. Fine sand, crystal clear waters surrounded by olive groves and woodland, with trees hanging from the cliffs, form a magnificent scenery. There are also many options for water sports. 

 Kriopigi springKripigi spring area


The village is inhabited from ancient years and it is located between the ancient towns Neapolis and Flegra. Kriopigi took its name from the homonym spring in 1955. Its previous name was "Pazarakia". 2,5 km west of the village, at the location "Palaiokastro" the remnants of a romaic settlement have been found. In Greek revolution of 1821 villagers of Kriopigi played an important role in the battles. One of the major fighters - chieftains was Stamatis Kapsas or Hapsas, who was sacrificed for Greek freedom. In his memory a monument was built, just beside the famous Kriopigi spring. This way every visitor who drinks water from the spring is reminded that freedom is not given but concurred with efforts and sacrifices.