Kassandria or Valta Halkidiki Greece


Kassandria townhall

Kassandria or Valta is a town in Kassandra Halkidiki Greece, located in the middle of the peninsula, near Fourka and Siviri. Kassandria is the headquarters of Kassandra peninsula and is considered to be the cultural, spiritual and economic center of the area. There are found a health center, police station, bank, post office. There are also some stone built old houses, like the house of Aristides Economou, and Papastavrou house, with characteristic architecture, reflecting this old era. The town hall building, dating back in 1926, is also considered to be a site of interest. Cobblestone small streets, a pedestrian road and a central square with an old platanus and a spring are some other characteristics of the town. 2 of the city 's main attractions are the old windmill, constructed in 1904, with its wooden mechanism still preserved, and the beautiful hiking routes in dense pine forests. The trails lead to marvelous beaches, like "Ai Nicolas", Siviri, Stefani, Kipsa. The main one of these hiking routes is the route Kassandria - Lekani - Fourka, a charming trail, adventure lovers will enjoy. Another site of interest outside Kassandria, towards Fourka, is Kipsa wetlands.

In Kassandria there are many interesting, churches, like:

Inside the town:

  • Central parish church "Gennisis tis Theotokou", built in 1850. At the entrance of the church, there is the sculpted early Christian infrared arch from the temple of "Agios Dimitrios" church of Thessaloniki.
  • "Agia Paraskevi" stone built small church.
  • "Agios Athanasios" small church, also built in 1850, in a small distance from "Agia Paraskevi".
  • "Agios Ioannis o Prodromos" (St. John the baptist), from 1911-1912, on the eastern side of the town.
  • "Profitis Ilias" (Prophet Elias) stone built beautiful church (built before 1900), on the southern corner of Kassandria. 

Outside the town, in the area surrounding the hiking route Kassandria - Lekani - Fourka:

  • "Agios Athanasios", a small church built in 1930, in a beautiful location (Lekani site), among trees and nature.
  • "Agios Dimitrios", in Epanohora region, near Kassandria.

Outside Kassandria and at the north, in Kremmidi region:

  • "Agios Georgios" built in 1865.
  • "Agios Rafail", built in 1991.
  • "Agios Dimitrios", stone built church.

In municipal district of Kassandria belong Kassandria, Elani, Sani, Siviri and Filakes Xenofontos settlements.



Kassandria has a long history. Its name is derived from the king Kassandros. He had built a town, called Kassandra, at the isthmus of Kassandra peninsula. Today's village was founded in 16th century and was called Valta until 20th century. During greek revolution of 1821 many warriors from Kassandria played important roles.