Kallithea Halkidiki Greece

Kallithea beachKallithea beach

Kallithea is a touristically developed village in the center of Kassandra Peninsula. It was built in 1922 by refugees from Asia Minor. Kallithea offers many options for entertainment, nightlife, taverns, events, stores and is famous for its beautiful beaches. Thus, the village is very popular especially among young people. Kallithea may be the most cosmopolitan place in Kassandra and even in the whole Halkidiki.

An important archaeological site in Kallithea is the temple of Ammon Zeus, just next to the beach, towards Afitos. Near Kallithea, Solina and Lefki Peristera settlements are located. In Solina position an early Christian vasilica church was discovered by arcaeologists. This is a unique church, constructed in 6th century. Another interesting church is "Agios Panteleimon", located next to Ammon Zeus hotel. The church has interesting wallpaintings and it 's rather small. 
Temple of Ammon Zeus