Possidi lighthouse


Possidi lighthousePossidi lighthouse map

Near Possidi cape (Miti beach) there is an old lighthouse, built in 1864. It was constructed by a french company of lighthouses. Ιts height is 14,5 meters and the height of its light (focal plane) is 23 meters. Possidi lighthouse was once very near to water, although today the accumulation of sand to the cape made the distance between the lighthouse and the sea much bigger. The lighthouse is still in use today and offers a psychedelic spectacular show to anyone who visits it at night. 

The beach near the lighthouse (Miti beach) is unique and special. It is all sandy, with crystal clear waters from both sides of the sand and not very crowded. Nearby there are the ruins of Poseidon temple, which was used in ancient times for worshiping the god of the sea, Poseidon.