Sani Tower

Sani tower

Sani or Stavronikita tower is located on a hill, at "Pinakas" position, in the area of Sani beach hotel. This is the spot where Sani Festival takes place. Sani festival includes musical performances, focussing mainly on jazz classical music and greek "entechni" (artistic) music.

The location of the tower is believed to have been the acropolis of ancient Sani, a town built by Eretrians, which was one of the most robust cities in Halkidiki until Romaic era. The area was a dependency of Stavronikita abbey. The tower was built in 1543 for the protection of the abbey. Its hight is about 10 meters, and today 2 floors are saved, plus 2 underground areas. The entrance to the tower was elevated 5-6 meters, so that access was possible only using a a ladder (probably a rope lader).

It is said that Sani tower is connected secretly, through an underground network, with Nea Fokea Tower. The guardians of the 2 towers exchanged messages of fire when they saw enemies coming through the sea and residents of the 2 cities managed to find shelter.