Polichrono historical sites

Church in Polichrono Halkidiki Greece, "Agios Athanasios"Church in Polichrono Halkidiki Greece, "Gennisi tou Christou"

In Polichrono village one can admire old stone houses, Agios Athanasios church, built in 1912, the square with "Gennisi tou Christou" (Christ Birth) church, build in 1863, the open air olive mill with the press and the old shaped well.

In the folk museum, located behind Agios Athanasios Church, you can see ancient agricultural tools, cooking equipment, weaving equipment, photographs and many more.

folk museum Polichrono

Excavations in the village of Polichrono, at site Geromoiri, have revealed the remnants of an ancient city, called Neapolis. One can reach the site of the ancient town by taking the road leading to Kassandrino village, through the mountains. This road is located just before the hiking route leading to Mavrobara lake, before reaching Polichrono village (driving from Kriopigi to Polichrono).

One of the excavation findings in ancient town was a sundial, which shows the correct time not only for Halkidiki, but also for France, China and Rome. This rare finding was discovered in the ruins of an ancient house.

Sundial Polichrono