Sani wetlands

Sani wetlandsSani wetlandsSani wetlands

Are you a nature lover and want to have new eco-experiences in Halkidiki? If so, you should have a trip to Sani wetlands, behind Sani beach hotel, following the route starting from Nea Fokea. Lakes Gerani and Stavronikita accomodate many different species of birds (over 200), like the famous flamingo. Some of these species are rare and endagered.

This green area of great ecogical interest is a magical place of exquisite beauty among pines and other trees. If you are a fan of bird watching make sure that you bring your binoculars. Other activities you can do in the area of Sani Wetlands include hiking, biking, visiting local farms or participating in "Eco Days" events.

Forest near Sani wetlandsForest near Sani wetlands

Sani also helps in organizing public events, like Eurobirdwatch. In addition, bird watching trips to the wetlands are offered by bike or on foot. The Hellenic ornithological society runs a stand at Sani Marina, that offers information on biodiversity of the ecosystem, an interactive experience based on birds sound and environmental education games for children. 

Sani wetlands area is considered a Natura European Network area of Protected Natural Beauty. It is a major ecotourism attraction in Halkidiki. You can visit it alone or in a group, from April to October.

Sani wetlands mapSani wetlands map