Agios Mamas wetlands

Saint Mamas wetlands in Halkidiki

Another small ecotourism attraction in Halkidiki is Agios Mamas (Saint Mamas) wetlands, just after Potidea canal, before the begining of Kassandra Peninsula, in Halkidiki Greece. The area is considered to be a special protection area of Natura 2000 network. 

Wetlands consists of standing water, sand-dunes, and reedbeds ( Phragmites ).  Many spieces of birds live here. Two of them, for which the area is protected are collared pratincole and Black-winged Stilt. These species are reproduced here every summer. In winter you can see the impressive flamingos, which live there till spring. In Agios Mamas marsh there are also other species, such as predatory species of birds, ducks etch.

 Agios Mamas wetlands

The lagoon is located near Agios Mamas in the area of Nea Moudania and occupies an area of 6.332 acres. The area has low vegetation and it spans along the coastline. Waters of the lagoon are brackish. Some mammals, reptiles and amphibians also live there, apart from birds. The area is also used by shepherds for livestock and it 's possible that you 'll see flocks of sheep or other animals.

 Agios Mamas wetlands, flock of sheeps

Before your visit to Saint Mamas wetlands make sure you have with you: sports shoes, hat, camera and binoculars, in order to see and capture special species of birds and animals, that may be far away.

You can find more information in "Hellenik ornithological society" 's page: Hellenic Ornithological Society

 Animals in Agios Mamas Wetlands