Thermal SPA Agia Paraskevi

Thermal SPA Agia Paraskevi

In Loutra settlement of Agia Paraskevi village there are natural sanative springs, famous for their therapeutic properties. In the same region modern thermal spa facilities are built, with swimming pools, individual bathtubes, saunas, hamam, hydromasaz and more. 

Visitors can both benefit from the healing properties of spa and admire the physical beauty of the surroundings, as Loutra is a summer destination, full of pines and sandy beaches. Rocky landscape and breathtaking view from many points form a magnificent picture.  

Thermal sulphide healing waters have been proven to be therapeutic for the following diseases:

  • bone conditions and disorders,  like rheumatoid arthritis, slipped discs, tenontitis, cervical syndrom, joints disorders and fractures. 
  • dermatological conditions, like psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and eczematoid acne.
  • urological and gynecological disorders, like chronic cystitis and inflammations.


Water properties

  • Mineral hypertonic water
  • Midle warm 34.5-36.0. °C
  • Strongly sodium chloride (NaCl)
  • Bromide (Br)
  • Borated (B)
  • Acidic (ph. 6.2)
  • Potassic (K)
  • Strongly sulphide (H2S)