Meliton spa

Meliton spa Sithonia Halkidiki GreeceMeliton spa Sithonia Halkidiki Greece

Meliton spa is situated in Porto Carras hotel in Sithonia peninsula of Halkidiki Greece. It offers various thalassotherapy treatments, using seawater as a soothing therapeutic agent. Sea water contains vital elements that promote the health of our immune system. In addition, it can improve blood circulation, and thus enhance the oxygenation of tissues and help in toxins elimination and overall well-being. Moreover, seawater, combined with the special water jets used, can soothe pains, enhance the lymphatic system and improve skin hydration

In Meliton spa several kinds of seawater and other treatments are offered, due to the variety of equipment used. There is an indoor pool with hot seawater, a thalassotherapy pool with jet, a pool of high quantity in salt, hydromassage, jacuzzi, hammam, sauna, water jets, rainshowers, fitness centers, spa for kinetic- and hydrokinetic-therapy, manicure and pedicure rooms. 

The treatments offered include:

  • a supervised thalassotherapy program, which takes place in pools of different temperature and different content in salt.
  • a vichy sea shower massage, which uses hot seawater, in the form of rainshower, combined with a massage.
  • a tonic sea shower jet, which uses a high-pressure jet to channel seawater onto the body.
  • a bath de luxe capsule, which includes 25 minutes of steam treatment, aromatherapy, chromotherapy and rainshower inside a capsule.