Athos peninsula

map Athos peninsula

Athos Peninsula is the third and last peninsula of Halkidiki Greece, which mainly consists of Mount Athos in its bigger portion. Mount Athos is the center of orthodox Christian monasticism and includes many monasteries. The abbeys are built on rocky mountainous terrain, which at some point reaches the altitude of 2033 m. Mount Athos is considered to be abaton,  which means that only males are allowed to access and visit it. This rule comes from the fact that the region is dedicated to virgin Mary, which is the only woman allowed to be there. Women may only see Mount Athos from the outside, on a cruise trip along its coastline. 

In Athos peninsula, there are also some other places, worth visiting, like Ouranoupolis, Nea Roda, Ierissos and Ammouliani island. 



Greek mythology says that Mount Athos was formed when a giant, named Athos, grabbed a rock (mountain of Thrace) and threw it to the Gods, but it fell in the corner of Halkidiki. According to another version, Athos was fighting in the peninsula when Poseidon threw a mountain to him and crushed him. The mountain was taken from Canastreo region of Palini.