Scuba diving in Kassandra Halkidiki

Scuba diving in KassandraMedusa

If you are an adventure seeker and a fan of scuba diving, you can still enjoy your hobby in Kassandra Halkidiki. There are various diving centers in several regions, as in Agia Paraskevi, Kassandria, Paliouri, Potidea, Kriopigi.

Halkidiki 's underwater world is a suitable place for both beginners and advanced divers, as there are no dangerous species, water is crystal and clear, offering great visibility, plus access in many diving sites is easy. The diversity and variety of marine forms of life will fascinate everyone who is looking for a lifetime experience.

For advanced scuba divers there are special PADI programs for open water dives. One can also discover Kassandra 's underwater caves, wearing a diving mask and respirator, by joining other groups and snorkeling programs.

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