Route Hanioti - Nea Skioni

View in the route Hanioti - Nea SkioniRoute Hanioti - Nea Skioni

This route begins from Hanioti seaside village and leads through the mountain to Nea Skioni. It is a beautiful pathway that combines the awe of the vast pine forest with the breathtaking view to the sea and Skioni village. The paved road is accessible by car, but it is not recommended for those who have a fear of heights, unless they have decided to make a step to overcome their fear. The road has many curves and cliffs as you ascent the mountain. Somewhere in the middle of the route, an old village, called "Tsaprani", is located. This village was abandoned in 1930, but its 4 churches still survive till today. You can visit them on foot by following some small trails in the sides of the main road. These 4 churches are called: "Agios Athanasios", "Agion Rafail, Nikolaou and Eirinis", "Agias Triadas" (Holy Trinity) and "Agia Anastasia". The route ends when you reach the traditional fishing village of Nea Skioni, with the port. 

*Hanioti Nea Skioni route is highly recommended for nature lovers and adventure seekers.