Adventure in Polichrono Halkidiki Greece

Old Olive TreeMavrobara lake in Polichrono

Polichrono in Halkidiki Greece is a great place for adventure travel, as it offers a hiking route that leads to a lake with turtles, called Mavrobara lake. The map in the picture below will guide you to your ascent to the mountain hills, through a valley and a pine forest. In the beginning of the route, at your left hand, there is a very old olive tree, believed to be more than 400 years old. When you finally reach the turtle pond you will be astonished by the natural beauty and you 'll have the chance to watch the turtles as they swim quietly in the crystal waters.

On your way back to Polichrono village you will admire a magnificent view of the sea and the coastal line, as you gradually descent, through the forest. Nature around you is beautiful and include all forms of life: small mammals, birds, insects, lizards, and tortoises. Reaching the starting point you will see a small traditional church, where you can rest and take some pictures.

The route is suitable for walking and mountain biking. To find the starting point of the route, once you are in the main road, going from Polichrono Kriopigi village, go past the traffic lights in Polichrono and turn left, following the road that goes up the hill. There is a sign that will guide you. In any other case, you can turn left to the next road, that leads to Kassandrino village and then follow the signs. 

Road that leads to Mavrobara lakeMap of the hiking route that leads to Mavrobara lake