Private boat tour in Halkidiki

Boat adventure in Halkidiki Greece

What about sailing along Kassandra 's beautiful coastal line in a boat adventure day trip? In Halkidiki there are many options for boat renting, in several different regions, allowing you and your friends to enjoy the freedom of sailing and the magical breathtaking scenery of peninsulas, from the sea. 

These trips are ideal for those who want to escape the crowded beaches, discover unknown remote natural sea gulfs and visit various sites of Halkidiki, at the same day, avoiding the traffic. And if you are lucky you may even see dolphins swim along with your boat. 

In some of those boat trips one can also visit the turtle island (Kelyfos island) near Sithonia peninsula. There you may swim in its remote beaches, engage in snorkeling and diving activities, and if you are lucky see some wild goats wandering around. 

There is the option to either rent a small motor boat or a yacht for a private cruise. The small motor boat option is cheaper and will allow you and your friends to sail along Kassandra 's coastal line. As for the private cruise, it might be a more expensive option, but you 'll have the chance to visit more distant places, like Kelyfos island or Spalathronisia. Places you can visit by yacht include:

  • Potidea, Afitos, Nea Fokea, Paliouri in Kassandra peninsula.
  • Porto Caras islands, Marmaras, Sikia beach, Marathias beach, Trani Ammouda beach (Ormos Panagias), Vourvourou beach, famous laimos beach, Diaporos island, "Krifto" remote gulf, Spalathronisia and Gerochristou island (Pounta), ,  all in Sithonia peninsula.
  • Amouliani island, Alykes beach in Ammouliani, Ouranoupoli.
  • Mount Athos.
  • One can even depart from Halkidiki and visit islands, like Psathoura, Skopelos, Alonisos, or beaches like Agia Saranta beach, Damouhari beach and Ai Giannis, in Pelion. 
  • There are also yachts that go fishing, if you are a fan. So take advantage of the opportunity and enjoy the ride!