Villa DICHTI 1
Villa DICHTI 1 - kitchen
Villa DICHTI 2
Villa DICHTI 2 - bedroom
Villa DICHTI 1
Villa DICHTI 1 - Balcony

About us

THELO Halkidiki is a tourist guide for Halkidiki Greece and a place were you can find accomodation in the area. We are currently displaying accomodation in Kassandra area, with plans to expand. 

Halkidiki: A place for all tastes.

No matter if you are a nature lover, adventure seeker, history enthousiast, if you like nightlife entertainment or prefer more secluded tranquil places to relax, Halkidiki is the place for your vacations. No wonder why people of northern Greece say "Like Halkidiki nowhere". Whether you visit Kassandra, the most cosmopolitan peninsula, Sithonia, with its virgin beauty, Athos peninsula or mountainous Halkidiki the certain thing is that you 'll have a wonderful time. 

Halkidiki is most famous for its sandy beaches with crystal clear waters and lush vegetation that reaches sea level, but there is more than that. As there is history behind each individual village there are many historical sites and monuments, churches, traditional architecture and of course a wild amazing natural landscape ready to be discovered.